Friendly Links

This is a page of linkery that I created to shine some light on worthy websites and properties I like to peruse. They’re in categories and don’t just take my word for it – check them out, that’s why I’m linking them. There are no paid endorsements – just people and things I have tons of respect for.


Ride with Peaks – Just a couple of British blokes that like bikes and made a cool website and I like the cut of their jib.


Jupitalia – The website of the legend Ted Simon, he who spent four years riding around the world in the 1970’s otherwise known as “Jupiter’s Travels” – if you haven’t read it ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Filmmakers and content creators

Mitra Films – One of my part-time collaborators on projects so secret, we don’t even know what they are, but we know they’ll be awesome because we read off the same page.


Silicon Valley Watcher – Tom Foremski, media soothsayer and reader of the ways in which technology and media collide with unexpected results.

History (local, national, international)

The Anne T. Kent California Room (Marin Co’ Free Library) – Community Newsletter is a website about the local history of Marin County where I live – something of endless fascination to me. Full of maps, old pictures and stories.

US Veterans

The Veterans Cannabis Group – This is one of the two non-profits I worked with to create VETSGROW and whom I still have very close links with.

VET-Connect of Sonoma – The second of the two veteran non-profits that helped make VETSGROW possible – every penny goes back to vets.